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10 Things That Can Put You In A Better Mood



We all could be happier people right?  It's no fun being unhappy and stressed if you are...Maybe you can find something on this list that will get you in a better mood:

1.  Having sex . . . it will improves your mood by 14.2%.  

2.  Going to a concert, a play, or going dancing improves your mood by 9.3%.

3.  Going to a museum:  8.8%.   <--------------really?

4.  Exercising:  8.1%.

5.  Gardening:  7.8%.

6.  Singing or performing:  6.9%.

7.  Talking with friends:  6.4%.

8.  Being around nature:  6.3%. 

9.  Walking or hiking:  6.2%.

10.  Hunting and fishing:  5.8%.


If you want to see the 8 things that put you in a bad mood....check this out:

(Daily Mail)


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