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More Reality TV Shows Coming Out

More Reality TV Shows Coming Out

The E! network just announced a rundown of some new shows they have in the pipeline

Jennifer Lopez has put her name on a Repo show - what?

There's a talk show hosted by comedienne Whitney Cummings - I love her...so I will probably watch that... 

There is also a reality competition that will "comb the Internet to find the web's most talented amateurs." 


If you don't like Reality TV - Here is a bunch of scripted shows coming out...wow...none of these sound good.

A crime drama about a "late 20-something, culturally-obsessed detective" . . .

a drama about Henry the Eighth"reset in present-day Hollywood" . . .

a show about a band who's trying to solve the disappearance of their lead singer . . .

A "Wizard of Oz"-inspired show about "a girl from Kansas City who falls for a man and moves with him to the Emerald City to work at his Emerald Hotel" . . really?

A story about a "good man" who "accidentally kills a woman who has been blackmailing him," and then frames another man . . .

a drama about a "billionaire with a penchant for hooking up with lobbyists" in Washington D.C.   

(--For more information, hit up EOnline.com . . . here and here.)


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