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Could You Go One Month Without Spending ANY Money??

Could You Go One Month Without Spending ANY Money??

The family of six has vowed not to do any discretionary spending for the month of February.

Shelley Dunning said the family plans to eat a lot of rice and frozen meat, so they went to Costco on Jan. 31 to stock up on other foods like butter, pasta, nuts, and peanut butter and jam. The only miscellaneous thing the family plans to spend money on is fresh milk for the kids.

Bob Dunning clarifies that the family is just vowing against discretionary spending, like a coffee or movie tickets here and there.

And what about gas for the family’s car? The family plans to walk. That’s a good thing because the national weekly gas price average jumped 4 cents to $3.48 for regular for the week ending Feb. 6, up 35 cents from a year ago. Fortunately, Bob and Shelley both work from home.




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