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Best Advice Your Mom Gave You?

Best Advice Your Mom Gave You?

You didn't believe it when you were young...but your Mother knows best...right?  don't you wish you would have just listened to her?


Check out this video from ivillage - Good Advice

 this is where I got the photo from - screen shot



Celebrities are weighing in on some of the best advice their mom gave them:  (k...like C, D level celebrities)

What is yours?


Angela Jeppeson says...

“No matter what you look like, put a smile on your face when greeting others. They won’t care about your clothes, messy hair or lack of makeup if you greet them with confidence, caring and a cheery ‘hello!’”


Ray Erlichman says...

“Make sure you have clean underwear on in case you get into an accident.”


Stephanie Meyer  says...

“'Never be afraid to speak your mind when something is important to you' — advice that I think I sometimes over use!"


Haley Majernik says...

By word and example, my mom taught me to acknowledge the good in everyone and in every circumstance.


Michael Sanders says...

“The most valuable thing you can ever own in life is to have earned a good reputation. Treat women with respect, meet the parents and never forget the corsage.”


Oprah.com has lots of good advice from readers too


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