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Violent Home Invasion in Riverview

Violent Home Invasion in Riverview

RIVERVIEW (970 WFLA) -- Two or three men are at large, accused of breaking into a home in Riverview, terrorizing the residents and stealing a van. It happened late Thursday night in the 11200 block of Tucker Road.

Hillsborough deputies say one of the victims, a 31-year-old woman, awoke to find a man hovering over her. The attackers tied her and the 13-year-old boy up and marched them into the living room. Then they waited for 60-year-old Charles Sanders to arrive, struck him in the head and tied him up. Deputies say the attackers ransacked the house and drove off in a 2002 silver Chevy Astro Van with missing headlights.

Deputies say this doesn't appear to be a random attack.


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