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Tampa police investigate shots fired at Home Depot parking lot

Tampa police investigate shots fired at Home Depot parking lot

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) -- Tampa police are investigating shots fired at the Home Depot parking lot, located at 1712 North Dale Mabry Highway.

Police said it all started around 12:40 this afternoon when a man and a woman in separate cars were trying to pass each other, but were too close. 

Once the victim and the woman were side by side, police said words were exchanged through each driver's window. Then, police said the argument escalated when the victim's husband and friend arrived in a separate car. Police said they confronted the victim who was inside his truck and a physical altercation occurred while the driver was sitting in his truck. Then, police said the victim pulled out his gun and one of the suspects tried to take it. Police said the suspects then ran away and the victim drove away. 

Then, police said the victim drove down an aisle that was a dead end and could not exit, so he turned around and tried to leave the parking lot. According to police, the suspect went to his car to retrieve a gun, went back near the front entrance of the Home Depot and fired shots at the black truck which was driving away out of the parking lot.

Police said there were approximately a dozen people in between the shooter and the victim in his truck, which the bullets hit an uninvolved person's parked car who was not in his car. 

Police said the victim never fired his gun. Police said the victim had minor injuries as a result of the fight. 

No one was injured by the gunfire, according to the TPD. 

Police also said both parties involved have concealed weapons permits.


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