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Tampa Police DUI team presents findings

Tampa Police DUI team presents findings

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) - The DUI review team created by Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor has presented its findings.

Castor says the task force reviewed 70 DUI cases and has concluded that none reflected any selective enforcement or impropriety.  She says all those cases are sound, including several of former police Sgt. Ray Fernandez.

It was because of Fernandez, and accusations that he was part of a set up by a local law firm to arrest a rival attorney on DUI charges, that the task force began a three-month review of other DUI cases.

As a result, DUI officers are now required to include more details in their DUI reports, expanding their use of video recordings and field sobriety tests.

"In essense, based on this review team's findings, we have rebooted our DUI unit and started over again from the ground up," said Castor.


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