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Tampa International Airport makes major announcement

Tampa International Airport makes major announcement

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) –  Get out your plaid flannel.  Take a sip of your Starbucks coffee.  Seattle is only five hours away, now.

Alaska Airlines will provide direct, non-stop daily flights from Tampa International Airport to Seattle.

The flights will begin June 20th.

Currently, 330 passengers travel between Tampa and Seattle every day, having to make connections through airports in Atlanta and Houston. 

Now, TIA CEO Joe Lopano says these flights open the Bay Area to the West Coast.

"I would suggest we go up there in August when it's really hot.  You can go up to Seattle and get cooled off.  And when it's cool up there in the winter, they can come down here and enjoy our beaches.  It's the perfect combination."

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