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Tampa Has Tougher Panhandling Law

Tampa Has Tougher Panhandling Law

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) - It barely passed. 

But with a 4-3 vote, Tampa city council approved a new panhandling ordinance--one that bans panhandlers from downtown, and Ybor City as well as outside ATM machines and banks. 

It also outlaws camping, storing belongings and urinating in city parks or on public property.

Council had a lengthy debate over whether the proposed ordinance fails to address the underlying problem with homelessness.  Some council members voiced concern that the law criminalized the homeless rather than provides adequate housing and social services.

There was also a small protest outside City Hall calling for council to vote no.   The city already bans panhandling at intersections with the exception of Sundays.



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