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St. Pete Police Use Deadly Force

St. Pete Police Use Deadly Force

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (970 WFLA) --A 31-year-old man is dead after apparently engaging in gunfire with St. Petersburg police officers.

Spokesman Bill Proffitt says they were responding to Hungry Baba's restaurant, at 1811 MLK Street South, Thursday evening around 11 p.m. Employees there reported the armed man, later identified as 31-year-old Jason Michael Kerr, was "sweaty, nervous and... acting strange", according to Proffitt.

When officers arrived and tried to stop him, Kerr drove across the street to the Snax convenience store and started shooting at officers from his car. Proffitt says at least three bullets hit police cruisers. The picture in this article shows one of those bullet holes. Some damage to cruisers may have been caused by "friendly fire" from other officers.

They fired back, killing Kerr. Four officers were involved in the incident, none of them hurt. They're on administrative leave while prosecutors and the department investigate the shooting. St. Pete police give us the officers' names:

Matthew Laliberte, 28, a sworn officer since December 2007

Scott Kirpan, 31, sworn officer since June 2007

Mark Kruzell, 30, sworn officer since December 2012

Matthew Stringfellow, 27, sworn officer since November 2007



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