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St. Pete Police Open Fire

St. Pete Police Open Fire

St. Petersburg, Fla.-(970 WFLA)- Six St. Petersburg police opened fire with deadly results after a man pointed a shotgun their way at a home at 3311 40th Street, North.  

Officers, responding to a noise complaint, found 46 year-old Lealann Cooley sitting on his porch with a gun in his hand and the shotgun nearby.  When officers told the man to put down his gun, he went back inside the house.

When Cooley came back out he pointed the shutgun at the officers.  Several officers then opened fire. Cooley was dead at the scene.

The six officers involved are on paid administrative leave as the shooting is being investigated.  No word yet why the man threatened the officers.  Police say the man did have other weapons inside the house.

The shooting is the second this week involving a Saint Petersburg officer.  23-year-old Ronald Sexton was shot and killed on Labor Day when he pointed a gun at an officer.


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