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Shutdown has MacDill’s refueling wing limping along

Shutdown has MacDill’s refueling wing limping along

TAMPA, Fla (TBO.com)- Shane Huff, a major in the Air Force Reserve, spent Thursday afternoon in his office at MacDill Air Force Base. But instead of doing his usual work as the spokesman for the 927th Air Refueling Wing, Huff was keeping an eye on his 10-year-old son Simon, who was doing his homework.

That’s because Huff, who is a civilian employee in his role as spokesman, is one of the 1,500 who were given unpaid days off starting Tuesday as the result of the shutdown of the federal government.

And his son, who would normally be at the base youth center, or studying at the base library, can’t be in either place. Both are closed because they are run by civilians who, like Huff, were sent home with no idea when they might return.



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