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Scott-West Hypothetical Goes Hyper-Viral

Scott-West Hypothetical Goes Hyper-Viral

TAMPA (970 WFLA) -- "He's a great American and a great patriot, and he'd be a great lieutenant governor."

Those few words, uttered by Governor Rick Scott in response to a question by Tedd Webb about former Florida Congressman Allen West  on 970 WFLA's AM Tampa Bay May 10th, went viral this week and caused a stir in the blogosphere, although perhaps a bit overshadowed by the coverage of the Obama administration's handling of the IRS, Associated Press and Benghazi affairs. 

The original article has gotten more than 200 recommendations on Facebook, and was tweeted dozens if not hundreds of times.

 Several political sites have linked to it, including Breitbart.com on the right and sites like the Huffington Post , and Daily Kos on the left, as well as MSNBC, several news sites and the local political blog, Saint Petersblog

Allen West


The article attracted quite a few thumbs up from people who'd like to see West as Number Two, and frankly, in an even higher office. It also attracted attention from West's detractors. In fact, the Florida Democratic Party is actually using the Governor's offhand remarks for fundraising purposes. Here's part of their message, according to St. Petersblog:

"I guess it shouldn’t surprise me (yet it still did) that Rick Scott said he thinks West would “be a great Lieutenant Governor.” But they’re two peas in a Tea Party pod... I need your help (to) keep Rick Scott from hiring Allen West." That's followed by a link for donations. 

It seems to align with Breitbart.com's take in one of its articles on the Scott remarks: "Democrats Continue to Fear Allen West." 

A week later, Governor Scott has made no announcement regarding his choice for the number two job, and West has taken a job offer, with Fox News. 


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