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Ongoing dispute in Valrico ends with one man run over

Ongoing dispute in Valrico ends with one man run over

VALRICO, Fla. (TBO.com) - A Valrico man died Wednesday afternoon after he got into an argument with another man, ran after his vehicle and was run over, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said.

Timothy Sanderson, 41, died after he was pinned under a van driven by Steven Stokes, 31, of Valrico, the sheriff’s office said.

Both men had argued over the past two weeks and confronted each other over several issues, including $14 that Sanderson said Stokes owed him, the sheriff’s office said.

At around 12:45 p.m. Wednesday, Stokes drove a 1999 Ford van to a neighborhood in a wooded area that sit at the end of Pine Street, the sheriff’s office said.

When Sanderson spotted Stokes outside his van, Sanderson approached him and the two men started to argue, the sheriff’s office said. Stokes got in his van and was trying to drive away when Sanderson punched Stokes in the face through the open driver’s side window, the sheriff’s office said.

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