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Mom Drives on a Whipped Cream High

Mom Drives on a Whipped Cream High

SARASOTA (970 WFLA) – A 29-year-old Bradenton woman is facing child neglect charges, after police say she got so high on whipped cream cans, that she fell asleep in traffic with her child in the car. 

Nitrous oxide is what pushes the cream out of the can, which has led to some people using those cans to get high. Sarasota police say 29 year old Jennifer Ann Lee fell asleep at the intersection of University Parkway, and North Trail, by the airport Friday night. Witnesses told police Lee was while driving after huffing gas. Worse yet, her one year old son was in the car. Officers found several cans on the floor.

 Lee is charged with felony child neglect.


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