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Legislators Point To Abortion Pill Case For Proposed Law

Legislators Point To Abortion Pill Case For Proposed Law

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) - The victim in the abortion pill case, Remee Lee, says it's time the state adopt a law allowing the prosecution of those who injure or destroy an unborn child. 

"I was deprived of my choice and my baby," said Lee at a Tampa news conference.

John Andrew Weldon awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to a federal charge of product tampering.  He's accused of tricking Lee into taking an abortion pill that she thought was an antibiotic.  She lost her baby a few days later.

Lee's attorney, Gil Sanchez, believes Weldon would have been arrested right away if this proposed law had been on the books. 

That legislation is supported by Republican State Representative Larry Ahern of Seminole and Republican State Senator Kelli Stargel of Lakeland.

Stargel insists this bill would not interfere with a woman's legal right to an abortion. 

Similar legislation was introduced in Tallahassee this past session.  It passed the House but not the Senate.  Stargel and Ahern hope the Weldon case will convince lawmakers to adopt the law in the 2014 session.



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