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Former Buc Culpepper off Survivor

Former Buc Culpepper off Survivor

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA)- Brad Culpepper is off “Survivor.” The former Tampa Bay Buccaneer lasted 14 days on the CBS reality show. He was booted after losing in Wednesday’s Redemption Island three-person competition comprised of walking across a balance beam, untying bags of numbered tiles and putting them in order from 1 to 100.

He appeared to lose by only a few seconds. John Cody and Laura Morett stay on Redemption Island in hopes of re-entering the main competition.

After Culpepper’s loss, host Jeff Probst asked the Tampa attorney how “Survivor” compared with playing professional football. “I’d like to think I had more of an advantage in football,” he said. Then he addressed his wife. “Monica, I came here as a shield and through my fault or no fault of my own, I became an anchor. You’re free. Wind’s blowing. Sail. Sail hard.”

She gave him a hug and kiss, they told each other “I love you, he threw his Tadhana buff in the fire and walked away. Click Here to read the entire story at TBO.com.


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