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Domestic Trouble Triggers Seffner Shooting

Domestic Trouble Triggers Seffner Shooting

Seffner, Fla.-(970 WFLA)-Hillsborough deputies say a man is dead after being gunned down in his driveway by his wife.

Investigators say 34 year-old Emon Tennille Kellar and her husband, 33 year-old Ervin Washington, were arguing outside their home on Winston Manor Circle in Seffner this morning.  Witnesses say they heard a loud pop as Kellar raised her hand toward Washington. 

Those same witnesses later saw Kellar attempting to put a gun in Washington's hand while he was on the ground. Deputies say Kellar told her children that their father had killed himself.

Washington's mother claims she treated her son for a stab wound just a day before the shooting.  Washington had claimed that Kellar stabbed him during an another arguement. 




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