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Brisk Christmas Tree Sales

Brisk Christmas Tree Sales

Brandon, Fla. (970 WFLA) - With the big day coming up quick, the big push is on to buy the family Christmas tree. 

Dave Morrow at Dave's Christmas Tree Lot in Brandon says business has been non stop since Thanksgiving. He says the push was on a bit earlier due to the fact that there are only 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year as opposed to 5 weeks as in years past. 

Morrow says he gets his trees from North Carolina and Oregon. “We go to the farms early in the fall and tag every tree on the farm we want, and this year the biggest seller is the Frasier Fir." 

As far as how much you're going to pay for your tree, Morrow says he's been able to keep prices steady for the past three years. He says the recession is prohibiting tree farms from raising their prices, so even though their costs might go up, farm owners are not passing that increase on to consumers.

Of course Morrow says you'll want your shiny new Christmas tree to stay alive for the season and says that's as simple as putting the end of the trunk in water no later than an hour after you buy it. Once the end is cut off, the tree starts to seep sap and if the stump saps over, you'll have to make another cut.

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